Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hitting, biting and stealing candy from a baby

Daily we get a report from school: "Layla is having trouble hitting her friends". Yesterday her report further noted that she is "hitting her friends to take their toys". I have heard she also beats them over the head with a book and laughs!

So everyday, Keith has to hear about how bad Layla is when he picks her up.

I tell my mom and she advises we do something about this. Please...someone....tell me how you correct this behaviour in a 13 month old!!! Literally, all we can do is teach her to be gentle when she hits and then distract her.

I really don't think there is much more to be done. I also don't think we need to hear, daily, how violent she is! If it were my child getting beat up I am sure I would be mad, but honestly, what can we do?

Realistically I know we are doing all we can and Layla is just fiesty and knows what she wants. She knows how to get it. At home, she rips a toy from Noah's hand and he grabs it back. She bites him and he hands it over! She is used to this!

After her report yesterday I sat with her and said, "Layla...did you get in trouble for hurting your friends?". She nods "yes" - how can you not laugh at this?!?!

I know I am not taking it very seriously and I really do feel bad for the kids she is beating up but she will outgrow it. And if she doesn't, she will eventually hit an age where she can be reasoned with or at least experience consequences for her actions.

So for now, I will continue to laugh it off...I just want to publically apologize to all the children in her class who are now her bitches. ;)

Run run as fast as you can....

Historically, I am a sprinter. I mean, I haven't been in a race not say. But suffice it to say that back in highschool I loved track and field. The track part anyway: 100m sprints, 80m hurdles and 4x100 relay races were my favourite races.

When I went away to University my frosh leader was on the UW track team and he kept trying to get me to try out. I was terrified and refused. I also thought my workload would be too much.

However, since then I have dabbled in short distance running off and on. When I need to get back in shape it is always my fall back workout.

Given I never really raced longer than a 100m race, the thought of running a 5k race is purely terrifying to me! Yes, I have many friends who are marathon runners and I therefore feel ridiculous saying that I am "training" for a 5k race because it probably seems like a sprint to them...but for me, it is LONG.

A few weeks ago I was feeling gross and unmotivated. I hate working out for the sake of working out so I decided I needed a goal. After I had Layla, I did the "couch to 5K" program with keith and loved having something to work towards. We did great but I fell out of the habit of running because I had reached my weight goal and there was no reason to keep up the torture!

So the other day I decided I would train for a 10k. It was longer than I knew I could handle and a goal I needed to work up to. I knew it would motivate me. However, having never run a distance race, Keith wisely suggested I train for a 5K race first.

Before I lost my nerve, I signed up for a 5K in my area for early July. There was no turning back!!!

Normally I train on the treadmill but I decided I should do some of my training outdoors since the race won't be on a treadmill! The first day I ran outside (a week into my training schedule) I wanted to die! I was out of breath and by the time I finished I was in a pure panic! There was NO WAY I could do this race. I was exhausted and I had only done 1.5miles! I couldn't pace myself - in fact, I had no idea how to pace myself! I calculated my time and I had run an 8 minute mile - wayyyyy too fast for me! Clearly I needed help.

I contemplated doing a Running Room clinic but they are right smack in the middle of bed-time prep for the kids. So I figured if I live through this 5K and dare to do a longer race, I may have to get some assistance but it seems everyone can run a 5K so I can figure it out on my own.

The next day I had to run, I found some new music with a decent beat to try to pace myself, I got a new running skirt (oh so cute!) and I set out aiming to run no slower than a 13 minute mile - which is uber slow but I figured this should be what I aim for and then see how I do. That day I comfortably ran a 10 minute mile! MUCH better! (not fast but I was proud of it). It felt right.

The following days I aimed to maintain my comfortable 10 minute mile run because I figured on race day I would be a bit faster due to the excitement of the race. I have been running between a 9 and 10 minute mile comfortably.

Yesterday I encountered my first barrier to training - I felt sick...I mean, I felt so gross I could barely walk around the kitchen. I still don't feel great but I have to get out there and run. My race is only a month away and I really don't want to be unprepared! I didn't really know how to account for the setback (this is where a  running clinic may be useful!). So I decided that I could take yesterday off but I had to shift my running days over by one day all week. So hopefully I feel well enough tonight. I may have to aim for a slower jog though.

All in all, I have learned something about myself: I need hobbies! I need goals! I really enjoy having something to work towards. Who likes working out just to do so? Not me! I also don't have a lot of time with the kids. Yes, I know I should "make time" to work out but I prefer to spend my time with my children. So , the only time I have to myself is from 8 - 10 at night. So while that isn't enough time to do marathon training, I should be able to do at least a 10K!