Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Our year in photos - 2012 edition

 I have a hard time reminding myself that all of 2012 wasn't a nightmare. So, here is our year in photos - as best as I can do because I don't think Keith was snapping photos of the kids during July and August.

January 2012: We actually have few photos for January. Layla has always loved having her photo done. She would be 1 year 9 months here
February 2012: Noah (3 years 9 months)  at his swimming lessons. He hates swimming, but still posed for photos
March 2012: Keith and the kids
April 2012: Layla turns 2 with a carebear/Toy Story birthday theme
May 2012: Noah celebrated his 4th birthday with a massive Spiderman bouncy castle and his first friends party
June 2012: Steam train trip with the Hemingway family
July 2012: I had my stroke on July 8th, so we have few photos of the month. However, this one is one of my favourites. Layla wore a regular pull up in the pool and it got massive in the water!
July 2012 #2: My heart surgery was on July 13th (that's Friday the 13th!). This was five days later in the hospital. Bad photo but I felt like garbage....
August 2012: Noah graduated from preschool

August #2: At the end of July I got my pacemaker. This is a few weeks later. The swelling and bruising took forever to go down. I had lost a lot of weight (though I'm not sure how much, my best guess is 15 lbs).

Sept 2012: Noah started Junior Kindergarten!

Sept 2012 #2: I was lucky enough to celebrate my 34th birthday (along with my niece Zoe, who turned 4)
Oct 2012: Life is starting to return to normal.

Oct 2012 #2: Halloween - it was very rainy but they still went out.
Nov 2012: After 4 months off work, I return to the clinic part-time

Dec 2012: We celebrated a wonderful Christmas with family

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